Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Long ago, I accepted that our elected representatives in Congress were beholden to lobbyists and that most of them cared very little about the substance of policy. The only thing that matters is how the juvenile media and the lobbyists will react.

But Joe Lieberman seems to have set a new standard here. He is not listening to lobbyists, and he is not listening to the media. He is simply trying to spite the liberals that worked against him in the last election. Money from the insurance industry probably doesn't even matter at this point.

Just another reminder that, for the most part, we are governed by technocrats (and aristocrats in the case of the Senate) who do not have even the mildest sense of the importance of the things that they do. It's all an intra-governmental game and, for lack of a better word, petty office politics. It's like In the Loop, but less funny.

Oh, by the way, fuck Joe Lieberman.

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