Friday, April 30, 2010

I Didn't Even Comment on the Accents

Arizona can now fire teachers because they have accents. I presume this is targeted at the dreaded southern drawl.

Keep digging, Arizona. I'm sure driving away all of your cheap labor will help you get out of that housing crash hole. Fucking idiots.

More Nuggets from 'Murrikin History!

Page 6 Item 8 (b). Did you know that "the release of the Venona Papers confirmed suspicions of Communist government"? I didn't think so. Well, it turns out that Joseph McCarthy guy was right all along. You might know that if you weren't educated at the StalinHitler University of Moral Corruption.

Ethnocentric Education

Apparently it's a bad thing. Unless, of course, the culture that you are centered on is a ficticious Judeo-Christian White Utopia.

Some of these people think the same thing about African-American Studies departments at universities. Who needs black history when you have the Founding Fathers? I mean, you know black people had to have loved the Constitution. How could you not? Oh, right.

And who needs Women's Studies? You know there weren't any bitches at the Constitutional Convention. They were probably back in the kitchen making Benjamin Franklin a big ole steak because women didn't create freedom.

All hyperbole aside, you can go read the amended Texas Education Boards guidelines on their website. The best part? They used tracking changes! So you can see all the great new educational innovations that they inserted. My personal favorite comes on page 3 of the new high school Social Studies standards, where a new weeklong mandatory celebration called "Freedom Week" is described. It will probably be like spring break, except with more recitations of the Constitution.