Monday, February 22, 2010

Fast Food Diet

It is really a sign of how poor our eating habits have gotten in this country when people start looking for ways to lose weight without giving up eating fast food. The author doesn't mention until the middle of the page that the item that the spokeswoman lost so much weight on, the Fresco Ranchero Chicken Taco, has 740 milligrams of sodium. That's in one taco. One taco for lunch, one taco for dinner, and you barely manage to stay in the acceptable range of sodium for normal adults. And who the hell eats one taco for lunch and one for dinner? Doesn't sound like an enjoyable lifestyle. And even if you do manage to lose weight on these diets, you are likely taking years off your life by not eating any fresh vegetables except for the iceberg lettuce they put on your taco to garnish the chicken and cheese.

As the article linked to above the Mayo Clinic above mentions, 77 percent of the sodium in the average American diet comes from eating prepared or processed foods. That is, it is not because you put salt in your scrambled eggs, as the first paragraph mentions for some reason. Adding a pinch of salt to your baked potato or scrambled eggs is not the problem, it's adding a pinch to your fast food french fries that is causing heart disease in so many Americans.

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  1. you're just sad there's no cheezy gordita crunch on the fast food diet, hehe.

    i agree with you about the one taco for lunch and one for dinner, though. five tacos at least. with some liter-cola.