Friday, April 30, 2010

More Nuggets from 'Murrikin History!

Page 6 Item 8 (b). Did you know that "the release of the Venona Papers confirmed suspicions of Communist government"? I didn't think so. Well, it turns out that Joseph McCarthy guy was right all along. You might know that if you weren't educated at the StalinHitler University of Moral Corruption.


  1. So is the solution to further centralize or further decentralize the educational decision-making and money-spending?

  2. Ha. Well, I would say in this case that further centralization toward the federal Dept. of Education would surely improve the standards. A decentralization towards charter schools may also work, but in this case I think we have a problem with too much democracy. These people were democratically elected, but the people voting for them likely had no idea who they were voting for. I think once you get down below things like Comptroller and Lieutenant Governor people just vote the party line. Texans may have voted for these same people anyway, but now no one is accountable because this isn't even their full time job.

    So, I say they should be appointed by our asshole governor. One thing that is definitely more effective when centralized is accountability.

  3. The Department of Education should set all the standards so that our kids are taught the official US Government version of history wherein all our wars are defensive and just and we spread democracy throughout the world. And if I don't like it, I'll just telephone the Secretary of Education, whom I cannot even name, and give him a piece of my mind. Then I'll call my Senators and tell them to bring up a vote to rescind confirmation of said Secretary or at least to vote against their reconfirmation or something... see, I'm not too clear on how it works at that level but at least I know that they are accountable. But hey, I'm just an educated, wealthy white man, I mean surely all the dirt-poor minorities know better than I do how to work the system to hold these people accountable. I mean can you imagine the lack of accountability if we had to actually drive down to the school or the school board to speak to the person in charge of it all? It would be chaos! These anarchist school board members would be so unaccountable that they would be free to spread seditious non-Anglo-centric, non-upper-class-centric views of history. We cannot have that and that's why we need all the money and decisions to go through Washington, where at least we know people are accountable!

  4. Ah we have once again arrived at one of our impasses.

    As I have said before, I see what you are saying, but decentralization has it's own downfalls, like unequal access. Think about segregation, or if Arizonans were allowed to kick all the Mexicans out of their local school. I think the risks of inefficiency with centralized authority are often outweighed by the consequences of decentralization. We just need to find a happy social-democratic medium.

    And as I said above, we just have too many elected officials. People can't be expected to keep track of their representative at ten different levels of government.